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Barcode: 5202848001552 Model: BF000399
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Garnier Ambre Solaire Anti-Age SPF50 Cream 50ml
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Barcode: 5201100331963 Model: BC000332
Garnier Ambre Solaire Anti-Age SPF50 Cream 50ml..
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Mythos ALOE Eye Cream-Gel Against Fine Lines 20ml
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Barcode: 5202624547847 Model: BF000393
AGAINST FIRST LINESGLOW-ACTIVATING EYE-GEL CREAMRELAXATION, LIGHT TEXTUREIDEAL FOR SENSITIVE SKINSNourishes, hydrates, protects the sensitive skin around the eyes, providing relaxation and glow. It helps treat the irritations, puffiness & first lines. Light texture. Suitable as make-up base. Ide..
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Barcode: 5202624547342 Model: BF000392
EXTRA-VITAL SERUMFIRMING & WHITENINGFOR ALL SKIN TYPESHelps to repair fine lines, intensively reconstructs the skin of the face, neck and décolleté, giving a superb feeling of softness and hydration.Contains• 100% Organic Aloe Vera: Deep hydration & softness for body & hair, Skin Rejuven..
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Barcode: 5202624547328 Model: BF000391
MOISTURIZING LIGHT FACE CREAMACTIVE SOLUTION FOR ALL SKIN TYPESMoisturizes & rejuvenates the skin, improves its appearance, gives softness and shine, restoring its elasticity and protecting it from the effects of time. For fine lines. Ideal as make-up base. Light, non-greasy formula.Contains 100..
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Barcode: 5202624547335 Model: BF000390
REPAIRING FACE CREAMACTIVE SOLUTION FOR ALL SKIN TYPESContains• 100% Organic Aloe Vera: Deep hydration & softness for body & hair, Skin Rejuvenation, Collagen Production, Elasticity, Reduction of Fine Lines, Relief from "burns" due to the sun, Ideal for dry & damaged skin• 100% BIO Olive..
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Barcode: 5202624541319 Model: BF000384
ULTRA-MOISTURIZING & URBAN AGE-DEFENCE FACE CREAM WITH SNAIL SECRETION DAY & NIGHTRegeneration, Against deep lines, Perfecting shield, Radiance booster100% BIO olive oil100% Snail Secretion For dry/ very dry skinThe active formula of Mythos Ultra Moisturizing & Repairing Day & N..
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Barcode: 5202624541302 Model: BF000383
24h REPAIRING RICH CREAM WITH SNAIL SECRETIONPrevention of deep lines, Whitening, Rejuvenation, Radiance, Even Skin Tone100% BIO olive oil100% Snail Secretion For normal/ dry skinThe active formula of Mythos Rejuvenating Rich Cream with proteins from sail’s secretion (Helix aspersa) and pea ext..
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Barcode: 5202624541296 Model: BF000382
24h ANTIAGEING & RETEXTURISING FACE GEL-SERUM WITH SNAIL SECRETIONRejuvenating, Firming, Whitening, Against time effetcts & Imperfections100% BIO olive oil100% Snail Secretion For face & neckFor oily/ combination skinThe active formula of Mythos Rejuvenating gel-serum with proteins ..
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Barcode: 5202624541289 Model: BF000381
RESCUE & ILLUMINATING EYE CONTOUR CREAM WITH SNAIL SECRETIONAgainst deep lines, Replenishing, Anti dark circles100% BIO olive oil100% Snail Secretion Protects, moisturizes, relieves and nourishes the skin around the eyes, providing a relaxed and healthy look. It helps treat the puffiness, e..
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Barcode: 5201314119258 Model: BC000204
SKIN MOISTURE face cream for normal skin contains 100% natural quince and is enhanced with Prebiotics. Offers 24-hour hydration leaving the skin without shine. The bioten SKIN MOISTURE 24-hour moisturizing water burst gel cream with 88% natural ingredients offers effective, long-lasting hydrat..
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Macrovita Lifetime Face Cream 50ml
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Barcode: 5200316330012 Model: BF000223
Η κρέμα προσώπου της εταιρείας Macrovita είναι μια 24ωρη κρέμα που μπορεί να φορεθεί πρωί και βράδυ, χωρίς να απαιτείται ξεχωριστά η χρήση κρέμας νυκτός. Είναι κατάλληλη για όλους τους τύπους δέρματος και για ηλικίες...
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Barcode: 5202848000272 Model: BF000012
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Barcode: 5200310405006 Model: BF000126
Ελαφριά κρέμα κατάλληλη για το πρόσωπο, το λαιμό και το ντεκολτέ. Μοναδική σύνθεση με χαρούπι, πλούσια σε αντιοξειδωτικά και θρεπτικά συστατικά. Τα συστατικά της προστατεύουν, ενώ παράλληλα χαρίζουν στην επιδερμίδα την ενυδάτωση που χρειάζεται. Κατάλληλη για όλους τους τύπους δέρματος. (Χρησιμοποιεί..
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Barcode: 5200310401336 Model: BF000127
Το δέντρο της ελιάς, σύμβολο ειρήνης και ζωντάνιας, προσφέρει το πολύτιμο λάδι ελιάς που χρησιμοποιείται ευρέως για τις ιατρικές, θρεπτικές και καλλυντικές του ιδιότητες. Ιδανική για καθημερινή προστασία της επιδερμίδας. Κατάλληλη για όλους τους τύπους δέρματος. Τα δραστικά συστατικά της ενυδατώνουν..
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Barcode: 5200344910125 Model: BF000058
Αντιγηραντική & επανορθωτική κρέμα προσώπου για όλους τους τύπους δέρματος. Με 100% Ελληνικό γάλα γαϊδούρας κρυογονικής επεξεργασίας*, θαλάσσιο κολλαγόνο, βιοενεργό πεπτίδιο και οργανικό ελαιόλαδο.Περιέχει πρωτεΐνες & αμινοξέα που διατηρούν υγρασία στο δέρμα και ενισχύουν τη δράση του κολλαγ..
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Barcode: 5201314091011 Model: BC000202
Bioten Hyaluronic Tissue Mask Is A Perfect Solution For Dehydrated And Dull Skin. It Offers Instant Pampering To Your Skin And Effective Hydration, While Fine Lines Appear Smoother After Use. Its Formula Contains Hyaluronic Acid, A Powerful Natural Skin Component That Retains Over 1,000 Times Its We..
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