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Barcode: 5214000516552 Model: MS000481
Πύργος Μελά Idylle d' Achinos 2021 750ml..
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Barcode: 5214000516576 Model: MS000478
Domaine Gerovassiliou Xinomavro 2020 750ml..
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Barcode: 5214000516576 Model: MS000478
La Tour Melas Nautilus Drink Pink 2021..
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Barcode: 5200104241100 Model: MS000477
Estate Paylidis Agiorgitiko - Syrah 2021 750ml..
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Κτήμα Μιχαλάκη Κρητικός Οίνος Ροζέ Ξηρός 750ml
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Barcode: 5203574400152 Model: MT000724
Classic rosé vinification for each variety separately and cold meceration for 5-10 hours instainless steel tanks. Alcoholic fermentation follows at controlled low temperatures (15-17 ° C)...
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Barcode: 5200110150960 Model: MT000626
Quiet dry rosé wine from the Cretan winery Creta Vinifera. Enthusia is a classic single-variety rose wine from 100% Liato, the traditional Cretan variety. Enjoy it with the daily meal as it is an economical wine, without being jealous of any of the more expensive wines. A test will convince you...
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Barcode: 5203995301021 Model: ML000620
With freshness and coolness, crunchy and with a fruity character very intense and enjoyable, with notes mainly of strawberry, pomegranate, with liveliness but also fullness in the taste and aftertaste that highlights its acidity, is a rosé food wine that combines perfectly with fish and white meats...
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Barcode: 5206340300083 Model: MT000601
The portable icon of the Virgin Mary in the iconographic type Rodon the Amaranth of 1771, work of the hagiographer Stamatios of Crete, is considered one of the most important and sacred relics kept in the Coffin of the Holy Monastery of Toplou Sitia. The view is overwhelming and awe-inspiring to vis..
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Barcode: 5206340300021 Model: MT000600
Organic rosé dry wine from 100% Liatiko from the organic cultivation vineyards of the historic Holy Monastery of Toplou in Lassithi, Crete. The Holy Monastery of Panagia Akrotiriani and Agios Ioannis the Theologian Toplou Sitia, was built in the 14th century and since then has always had an active p..
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Barcode: 5205672000128 Model: MG000675
Dry Rose Wine from organically grown Mandilari and Kotsifali varieties located in the area of ​​North Monofatsi, Heraklion, Crete at an altitude of 350 meters. Bright pink rose color. Aromas of fresh fruits & flowers. Fruity aftertaste. Cold extraction and alcoholic fermentation at graduated tem..
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Barcode: 5200350101289 Model: ΜΖ000671
A rosé semi-dry organic wine with a characteristic color of onion peel, juicy red and yellow fruits, wild strawberry, bilberry, peach and citrus flowers are the most prevalent in its rich aromatic potential. In the mouth, the crunchy acidity emphasizes the sweet flavors of fruits and flowers, leadin..
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Barcode: 5200140940012 Model: MD000665
Rose wine produced with classic vitiligo vinification at 16 ℃. It has a bright rose color. Intricate aromas of rose petal and strawberry notes emerge on the nose. The mouth follows the nose, balanced taste with good acidity and long pleasant aftertaste. It accompanies excellent fish, shellfish and a..
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Barcode: 5200101710029 Model: MV000655
Ένα όμορφο και ιδιαίτερα δημοφιλές ροζέ. Προκύπτει από την ποικιλία Syrah, γι' αυτό και χαρακτηρίζεται από πικάντικα αρώματα σε μύτη και στόμα. Πρόκειται για ένα ροζέ φαγητού με μεγάλη γκάμα γευστικών συνδυασμών. Διακρίσεις2010Βιβλία Χώρα Ροζέ 2009 - Trophee ExcellenceLes Citadelles du Vin, Bor..
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Barcode: 5201006000291 Model: ME000278
Οίνος ροζέ (ερυθρωπός) ξηρός. Ανήκει στην κατηγορία Αγιωργίτικο. Διαθέτει φίνο ροζέ χρώμα, λαμπερό και διαυγές. Αρώματα καλοκαιρινών φρούτων με έντονους τόνους φράουλας. Γεύση εκλεπτυσμένη, μεστή και πλήρης. Επίγευση που αφήνει έντονη την αίσθηση καραμέλας. Συνοδεύεται με ελαφρά καλοκαιρινά γεύματα,..
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Greek Wine Cellars Apelia Dry Rose Wine 750ml
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Barcode: 5201006000253 Model: MT000714
Dry rosé wine. It belongs to the category Agiorgitiko. It has a fine pink color, bright and clear. Aromas of summer fruits with intense tones of strawberry. Flavor refined, full and complete. Aftertaste that leaves a strong caramel feeling. Accompanied by light summer meals, light cheese dishes and ..
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Barcode: 5200140940043 Model: MD000237
Bright rose color. Intricate aromas of rose petal and strawberry notes emerge on the nose. This is followed by the classic white vinification of 16 degrees Celsius. The mouth follows the nose with a balanced taste with good acidity and a long pleasant aftertaste. It accompanies excellent fish, shell..
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Ktima Michalaki Lato Dry Rose Wine 750ml
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Barcode: 5203574420013 Model: MT000722
Λαμπερός ροζέ οίνος από το κτήμα Μιχαλάκη. Στο στόμα κυριαρχούν φρέσκα φρουτώδη αρώματα κόκκινων φρούτων και γλυκιά ευχάριστη επίγευση. Ελαφριά γεύματα, ασιατική κουζίνα και πλατό τυριών και φρούτων. Κλασική ροζέ οινοποίηση με συμπαραμονή του μούστου με τα στέμφυλα για 5-10 ώρες σε ανοξείδωτες δεξαμ..
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