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White Wines

Barcode: 5204222575055 Model: MS000483
Κτήμα Γεροβασιλείου Viognier 2021 750ml..
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Barcode: 837048004147 Model: MT000482
Κτήμα Τέχνη Οίνου Techni Alipias 2021 Rose 750ml..
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Ktima Michalaki Cretan Dry White Wine 750ml
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Barcode: 5203574400145 Model: MT000726
Modern technological classic white vinification for each variety separately, with static clarificationand controlled fermentation in stainless steel tanks at 18 °C..
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Dionysos Winery Oinomelo White Sweet Wine 750ml
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Barcode: 5202628070211 Model: MT000641
 White sweet with golden yellow vivid color. In the foreground, we discover fresh aromas of musk, followed by waves, notes of honey, green pepper and sweet lemon. The long, discreetly sweet finish and its exuberant personality, create the feeling of wealth, without losing its youthful vitality...
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Ktima Migas Small Harvested Wine White Dry 750ml
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Barcode: 5200118140239 Model: MT000640
A fresh Chardonnay that does not go barrel and accompanies your daily meals! On the face, it is greenish-yellow, clear, with strong aromas of white fruits. In the mouth it has a pleasant and cool aftertaste. Accompanies poultry dishes with white sauces, fatty fish and cheeses with a strong taste...
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Barcode: 5201183860169 Model: MT000635
Roditis meets the cosmopolitan Chardonnay and the exotic Viognier in a wine that leaves no room for resistance, especially for those who love the sweetness of wine. If you are looking for wine for parties and social events then this semi-dry white wine is ideal! Its color is bright lemon green. Its ..
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Barcode: 5203574621076 Model: MT000634
Semi-sweet white wine from the Cretan winery Creta Vinifera. Pale yellow color, aromas of ripe citrus, in taste its sweetness is perfectly balanced by its acidity. It accompanies salads, while it is also served as an aperitif accompanied by fruit..
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Creta Vinifera Winery Vin De Crete White Dry Wine 750ml
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Barcode: 5203574621038 Model: MT000629
Dry white wine from the Cretan winery Creta Vinifera. Modern technologically classic white winemaking for each variety separately includes static extraction and controlled fermentation in stainless steel tanks at 18 ° C...
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Barcode: 5205672000012 Model: MT000627
Bright, light yellow color. Aromas of fresh fruit and blooming flowers with a sweet aftertaste. Pre-fermentation cold extraction and white vinification at graduated temperatures. Combines with fresh cool salads, pies, fish, cooked white meats or with white sauces. Serve at 11-13οC...
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Barcode: 5201022574349 Model: MD000622
Boutari Plateau White is a white wine with a great aromatic performance that lasts. In the Plateau of Mantineia, Moschofilero prevails in the whole area between the mountains Parnonas, Mainalo, Artemisio and Oligytros. The care and knowledge of 88 years of involvement with the variety yield exceptio..
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Barcode: 5204734000052 Model: ML000621
A wine with a bright lemon color. It is characterized by aromas of unripe citrus fruits, pear, green apple, with notes of vegetation to follow. In the mouth it is of medium body, with high acidity, with a medium duration but pleasant finish...
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Ktima Toplou Organic Dry White Wine Organic 750ml
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Barcode: 5206340300014 Model: MT000604
In the TOPLOU Monastery, continuing the monastic experience and tradition of centuries, indigenous and international varieties of organic farms are cultivated in 350 acres of vineyards. The grapes that are produced with special care are vinified in modern facilities with high know-how and love and..
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Barcode: 5206340300069 Model: MT000603
The peculiarity of the natural environment of the easternmost tip of Crete, where the trees tilt obeyed the northwesterly direction of the wind and the intense drought, gives a wild and at the same time exotic character to "GERTO". The Holy Monastery of Toplou Sitia was a pioneer in the revival of t..
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Barcode: 5206340000341 Model: MT000602
Samonius was called in antiquity the easternmost cape of Crete, near the famous ancient city of Itano, from which the Apostle Paul sailed (Acts 27: 7), before disembarking at the Good Ports. Today it is known as Cape Sidero. The wild Cretan beauty of the cape of Eastern Crete, for centuries now, is ..
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Barcode: 5204734001134 Model: MD000673
Rich, fruity and round wine with white-yellow color. Intense aroma with a pleasant character of ripe fruit, with very good balance and rich body. White semi-sweet wine released in 2003 as "Douloufakis Semi-sweet". In 2010 it changed its label and name. "Epoch" means "era" and refers to the new er..
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Barcode: 5202207127015 Model: ML000669
Ποιοτικό λευκό από Chardonnay. Όμορφα εξωτικά αρωματικά παιχνίδια στη μύτη πλαισιώνονται από το σώμα και την διάρκεια στο στόμα. Ένα κρασί για εκείνους που επιλέγουν λευκό κρασί ακόμα και όταν όλοι οι άλλοι επιμένουν για κόκκινο. Από τις γνωστές και αξιόλογες επιλογές Ελληνικού Chardonnay. Ποιοτική ..
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Κτήμα Γεροβασιλείου 2020 Οίνος Λευκός Ξηρός 750ml
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Barcode: 5204222575017 Model: MG000668
Δημιουργήθηκε από συνδυασμό δύο ελληνικών ποικιλιών, της Μαλαγουζιάς και του Ασύρτικου.  Μετά την προζυμωτική κρυοεκχύλιση, η οινοποίηση εκτυλίσσεται σε ανοξείδωτες ψυχόμενες δεξαμενές σε θερμοκρασία γύρω στους 18 °C. Το κρασί έχει λαμπερό αχνόξανθο χρώμα με πρασινωπές ανταύγειες. Η «μύτη» του ..
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