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Ktima Michalaki Cretan Red Dry Wine 750ml
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Barcode: 5203574400169 Model: MT000725
Classic vinification of red wine for each variety separately with soaking for 15-20 days in stainless steel tanks and alcoholic fermentation at low temperatures (17-23 ° C)...
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Barcode: 5206340300038 Model: MT000639
The Holy Monastery of Panagia Akrotiriani and Agios Ioannis the Theologian Toplou Sitia, was built in the 14th century and since then has always had an active presence in the social and wine history of the place. Today, continuing the monastic experience and tradition of centuries, indigenous and in..
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Barcode: 5206340300052 Model: MT000638
The engraved inscription on the monastery Linos, built in 1709 by the abbot Kallinikos, is an indisputable testimony that in the estates of the historic Holy Monastery of Panagia Akrotiriani-Toplou Sitia the native variety Liatiko was cultivated. The grapes were pressed in the presses and the monast..
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Porto Carras Chateau Winery 2009 Dry Red Organic Wine 750ml
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Barcode: 5201183420097 Model: MT000637
The favorite wine of all Greeks. Timeless red wine of Designation of Origin Slopes Melitona of Superior Quality. Wine every year with art and mastery from the Cabernet Sauvignon mansion, the shy Cabernet Franc, the unruly Merlot, and the ruby ​​Limnio, aged for 12 months in new oak barrels in the ai..
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Porto Carras Chrysallis Winery Red Semi-Sweet Wine 750ml
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Barcode: 5201183660004 Model: MT000636
Chrysallis is an exceptional semi-sweet red wine with an intense ruby ​​color, mild taste and aromas of gooseberry and wild freshly cut berry. Enjoy it alone or accompany it with red meats that are dominated by sweet or sweet and sour sauces. Serve ideally at the end of a meal with red fruits and ch..
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Creta Vinifera Winery Vin De Crete Red Dry Wine 750ml
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Barcode: 5203574621052 Model: MT000628
Quiet dry red wine from the Cretan winery Creta Vinifera. Enjoy it with the daily meal as it is an economical wine, with a deep red color, the aroma is fruity, while the taste is reminiscent of ripe red fruits, spices and cherries. Served perfectly with grilled meats...
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Boutari Winery Cava 2016 Dry Red Wine 750ml
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Model: MT000624
Deep red color with tile highlights, rich bouquet of aging, where we can distinguish aromas of dried fruits, plum and fig, and forest fruit jam. The sweet spices coexist with the predominant vanilla. Rich taste, excellent balance, complexity and long lasting aftertaste. Variety: Merlot Cabernet Sauv..
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Barcode: 5201022589855 Model: MT000625
Boutari Skalani Erythros is a top wine with important distinctions and awards. Its two varieties are complementary to each other and therefore create the perfect blend. Deep red color with aromas of red forest fruits, and sweet aromas from aging in oak barrels, such as cinnamon, cloves, cocoa and ro..
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Barcode: 5204734001073 Model: MD000623
An impressive dessert wine full of aromas and flavors, made from sun-dried grapes, exclusively from the Cretan variety Liatiko. With amber, honey color, with brown highlights. Versatile and complex aromatic bouquet that with stirring in the glass helps to highlight additional aromatic gifts. We real..
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Κτήμα Κώστα Λαζαρίδη Αμέθυστος Οίνος Ερυθρός Ξηρός 750ml
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Barcode: 5202207407018 Model: MK000674
Λαμπερό και πυκνό, πορφυροκόκκινο. Καλοσχηματισμένο μπουκέτο αρωμάτων, όπου παντρεύονται αρώματα κόκκινων φρούτων του δάσους, μαρμελάδας κερασιού και μπαχαρικών, σε διακριτικό υπόβαθρο δρυός. Θερμό και γεμάτο στην πρώτη επαφή, ξεδιπλώνει στη συνέχεια τον πλούτο, τη δομή και τις ευγενικές, αρμονικές ..
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Barcode: 5204734001127 Model: MD000672
Red semi-sweet wine from the varieties kotsifali, syrah and muscat. It is characterized by a bright red color with a rich aroma of ripe fruits. It is a wine that is discreet and soft in taste with balanced acidity. Enjoy alone or with meat with sweet sauces, fruits or nuts..
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Barcode: 5200363405008 Model: MS000045
Combination of liatiko- merlot varieties. Purple color, complex aroma of red fruits and caramel with small notes of spices and vanilla. Intense aftertaste, good structure long aftertaste. It accompanies varieties of cheeses, red meats and grilled fillets. Serve at 15-17 ° C.Purple color, complex and..
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Barcode: 5200350101227 Model: MZ000081
This aging red wine is based on a blend that marries Kotsifalio's spicy scherzo with the strict power of Cabernet. Intense purple color and aromas of ripe fruits and spices against the background of the subtle vanilla of the oak barrel. Soft and oily in the mouth, with "round tannins" and rich aroma..
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Barcode: 5205672000517 Model: MG000080
Aromas of dried fruits, spices, coffee and vanilla. Well-structured mouth, with gentle tannins and rich aftertaste. Long-term pre-fermentation extraction at low temperatures, then classic red vinification at graduated temperatures. Aging for 30 months, of which 18 in French oak barrels. You can enjo..
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Barcode: 5201183750132 Model: MP000622
Deep ruby ​​color, unique combination of flavors with forest fruits, vanilla, chocolate and the characteristic aroma of the pepper of the Lemnos variety. Velvety in the mouth with soft tannins and rich aftertaste. Excellent wine for grilled meats, Greek cuisine and fried pork. Serve at 16-18 ° C...
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Barcode: 5200112810039 Model: MD000047
Twelve months of aging in oak barrels has given an exuberant wine with an intense bouquet of aromas, with raspberry and pepper dominating. Wine with toned acidity, pleasant duration and great aging potential. Separate vinification for each variety. Classic red vinification with many soaks during the..
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Barcode: 5200140940029 Model: MD000666
Red dry wine produced by the method of classical red vinification and malolactic fermentation in the barrel. Single-variety red wine with relatively low color intensity closing in on its red-gray nose is intense with rich ripe red fruits and sweet spices. The mouth is full of high alcohol levels and..
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