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Liqueur - Aperitif

Jagermeister LIQUEUR 700ml
-24 %
Barcode: 4067700014764 Model: MT0007240
Jägermeister is one of Germany's biggest exports. The cordial got world famous over the past 40 years and cannot be missed at any bar.Produced in a small town called Wolfenbüttel in Germany's state of Lower Saxony, Jägermeister gets its taste from 56 ingredients, including exotic herbs, rare woods, ..
17.69€ 23.19€
Ex Tax:14.27€
Aperol Aperitivo aperitif 1000ml
-32 %
Barcode: 8002230000012 Model: MT0007243
The name Aperol says it all; Aperol is the perfect aperitif. Bright orange with bittersweet flavour. The recipe has not been changed since it was created and contains several herbs, fruits and spices. Aperol is low in alcohol, only 11 %...
15.59€ 23.06€
Ex Tax:12.57€
Campari Milano Bitter 700ml
-26 %
Barcode: 8000040001106 Model: MT0007241
17.69€ 23.88€
Ex Tax:14.27€
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